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Are you ready to get UNSNUCKed?

Tune into The Podcast and listen to real people, in real life situations get UNSNUCKed* and find power in situations they previously felt powerless.

Coming October 2017

*UNSNUCKed: (v.) The act of choosing to get unstuck from those situations in life that have you snagged and stuck.


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Mindfulness For

Real Life!


Ever want to say, 
"'F' this sh*t?"

You know...the moments you are just freakin' over it!

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About Lyn & Hallie

We are real life people,
trying to live our best life, NOW! 


Our story is the same as many. We can change the details, but the headliner doesn’t change. We are just human beings trying to figure out how to live the best life possible, feel our best, and make the most of our time here while not getting ourselves into trouble by going to extremes. Like others, we've fallen into the trap of being enamored of the shiny object in the room, hoping it would bring us a sense of fulfillment - the external reward; the wealth secret; the weight-loss magic pill. But, we soon realized they only offered short term relief.

When "THE" thing that was supposed to help us feel better either wore off, was unobtainable, or simply did not work, we started to wonder what would ever help us feel our best. In an effort to quit the rat race of chasing after the next solution, we were guided inward.  Still, we were bombarded by the opinions of others, doubtful friends and skeptical co-workers determined that there was one projected path to success and contentment. Their questioning created fear of the unknown. Nevertheless, our instinct told us otherwise. We knew deep within that life was not meant to be hard, that slowing down could mean more productivity, and that work could feel like play and play was as important as work. We stubbornly moved forward with creating our own path. 

It was through our own life experiences that we were able to create The Deliberate Method. And, interestingly enough, the development of our mindfulness practice actually supported us in being able to stick with the process as opposed to being flighty and reacting out of fear.  It helped us to stay the course, listen to ourselves, and shift our internal reality to find external freedom. We now can offer it to you as a road map of support as you also stubbornly move forward with creating your own path. 


Hallie Buchanan is the owner Charleston Wellness Group and co-creator of UNWIND. A graduate of Masters in Clinical Counseling Program, she has worked for years in a private setting, helping individuals of all ages find success and fulfillment. With her co-founder Lyn Tally, Hallie speaks nationally at conferences and to companies on the topic of mindful stress management. She has been acknowledged in both Charlie Magazine and Charleston Living for having created a thriving private practice with a unique business model. A North Carolina native, she now lives with her husband and two dogs in downtown Charleston and, after over a decade, calls the city “home.”

I have always struggled with the saying “No Pain, No gain.” This mentality of suffering to find relief has felt intuitively backwards to me since the day I first encountered it as a young child in the school system. While I certainly can get behind the value of a strong work ethic, who made the call that life is supposed to be hard?

Throughout my training, education, and most importantly my own life experiences, I have continued to use mindfulness strategies to support finding ease, relief, and freedom in my everyday existence. It is not to say that my life is without challenges, but it has made it abundantly clear that what makes life feel “hard” versus “easy” is not the current happenings, but my mindset about them. Mindfulness has supported me in finding the ultimate freedom- the freedom that comes when you are no longer driven by your mind or your emotions, but from your present moment experience. But, then I started to notice something interesting that I couldn't seem to shake. I started to observe that people were even now beginning to make mindfulness “hard”.

It has been my primary mission to make this work, like all others, accessible, down to earth, and enjoyable. We have spent the last few years testing out our own theories and observing with thoughtfulness our own mindfulness practices as well as others. What works, what doesn’t… it’s personal, but how you approach it…well that makes all of the difference and it is our goal to introduce you to that difference. 

Lyn Tally is the founder of Go Interactive Wellness and creator of UNWIND. She retired at the age of 21 from her professional ballet career with Boston Ballet and now over a decade later, she has spent over 1500 hours studying, leading, and mentoring others in the field of embodied mindfulness. She leads trainings and group programming across the globe inspiring others to go with in and develop a true relationship with themselves. An active member of the faculty for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, she continues to deepen her grasp on mindfulness in the everyday experience. Once a perfectionist, now a free spirit, she is inspired to help others find their own personal freedom. You can find more about Lyn at lyntally.com.

Retiring at the age of 21 propelled me to find my true self. Having trained for most of my life as a dancer, by age 20 I’d achieved my dream of being a soloist and was dancing for the Boston Ballet. One would think that I would be thrilled to be where I was, but I wasn’t. For me, at that time, pieces were not adding up to a happy and fulfilled life. This clear knowing brought me to make a very tough decision, to quit. 

When I stepped out of the spotlight, I didn't have a game plan, and everyone around me questioned my decision. After I retired from ballet, I floated. I had left a highly structured life and let go of a lifelong dream. I felt untethered and unsure. I needed new dreams and a new career, but I didn’t know where to start.
At my first mindfulness session, I found out what had been missing from my life this whole time. It was me. My mind, my body, and my soul. Despite working with my body every day for years, I was completely disconnected from it. My body had always been a tool that I used to perform and achieve, but in yoga it became a source of clarity.

Now I realize why having a healthy relationship with yourself is key to a fulfilling, meaningful, and abundant life. Once I became connected to all parts of my being, I was able to live authentically while accepting the authenticity from the world around me. I no longer needed to control my conditions to feel calm and at ease. 

With years of self-study (and real academic study), it is a great honor to work with Hallie and create a guide for you to begin to step into a more true version of yourself through mindfulness.