Reset Your Funk with 4 Simple Steps

Last week was ROUGH. And totally self-created.

It started Monday coming off of the holidays and trying to get back into the groove of a structured day. Already feeling some mild resistance, it increased tenfold when I realized I had overbooked myself. Literally- double booking appointments (the worst). I felt stressed, lethargic, frustrated and bummed that I was not more with it. I decided to “kick myself into gear” and just be more productive with my time. (Detour from relief: number one// pushing does not work)

Tuesday ran into Wednesday and Wednesday ran into Thursday. My days were jam packed with one activity, meeting, etc. after another. I kept saying “yes” and, each time, letting go of me. It was innocent in that they were all things I TRULY wanted to do and be a part of, plus things that needed to happen. I made time for it by giving up my personal time. Less sleep, zero meditation, zero exercise or movement, eating on a whim.  As the momentum kept up, my sense of not having enough time increased and I pushed harder. My energy continued to diminish.

(Detour from relief: number two)

As a result of not responding to what was happening in my environment - where I was energy-wise or what the universe was providing to me - I just became more resistant and overwhelmed.

I did not take the 2, 5, or 10 minutes to reset and recalibrate DESPITE my knowing better.

This lead to the perfect storm…. Law of Attraction at it’s finest!

I became the perfect beacon to attract exactly what it was that I was resisting because it was very active in my energy. I'm talking....running into traffic where it normally does not exist; waiting in line forever only to realize I grabbed the wrong debit card; running out of groceries because I was not able to find time to go; hitting my knee on the cart when I finally made it; pulling up to a parking meter only to realize I am out of coins. With every experience, my threshold for coping became smaller and smaller. Normally these things would not bother me too much, but my energy was dwindling by the minute. 

By Thursday night, almost in tears, exhausted and over it all… I knew I had to shift this energetic pattern. So, better late than never, I took the time to reset and here is how I did it.

1.     You’ve got to own it and recognize where you actually are (without judgment)

2.     You’ve got to extend self-compassion to yourself and the universe….

  • I used a mantra “I totally and completely love and accept myself. I totally and completely forgive myself.”
  • You can also hop on your Podcast app and search self- compassion meditations.

3.     You’ve got to release the energy that is holding you back.

For me, this was journaling to just get out all of the muck that I was thinking, holding on to, etc. and then placing that aside and knowing that it was safe there with nothing left to do with it at the moment.

  •  I also went for a brisk walk and took a cold shower (movement + cold therapy is super helpful for quick reset)

4.     Set your Intention to move forward.  Identify what energy it is that you want to cultivate, attract, and experience.

  • For me, that was lightening up, not taking things so seriously, remembering the bigger picture, and being playful. I imagined what that would look like and exited the shower feeling like a new woman!

The key is that we are all human. Yes, especially me! It’s okay, even though it feels pretty awful to have moments, or days, or weeks like this. What happens is the more mindful you become, the less tolerance you have for not feeling your best.

While it was “only” four days. It felt like an eternity and I am back in the flow today thanks to a real simple process that I stubbornly and unconsciously put off for too long.  

TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU by using this mantra “Taking Time Creates Time.”