Shift Your Mood from Blah to Hallelujah with These Simple Steps

Let’s start by simply noticing how you spend your time. When we spend time doing things that we value, we then value our time.  Pay attention to how much time is spent doing things that you value by simply drawing a pie chart. Fill in visually how much time is spent doing various activities- feel free to group them by category (for instance- home, work, personal, etc.) or break them up into specifics (for instance, laundry, sleeping, eating, emails, exercise, etc.)

Now, be honest with yourself. How much time is spent doing things that you love? Things that give you energy? Things that fuel you and inspire you? You should strive to have at least 60% of your day filled with things, activities, and people that fill you up and leave you feeling good. Asking yourself to feel good when most of your time is spent engaging in activities that deplete you is like asking someone with no food to not feel hungry. Is it possible? Sure, but necessary? Absolutely not.

So, before you get overwhelmed, take a moment to thank yourself for noticing that things were out of whack. It takes courage to look at our days honestly and maybe even a few tears to shed when realizing that we’ve let it get so out of hand. Or perhaps, you learned that you just need a few small tweaks to get your percentage up.

Whatever the case, recognizing where you are right NOW is crucial to making it different.  Second, start small. It didn’t get this way overnight, so it’s likely not to change overnight either. Write down your goals for introducing joy back into your life- names of people you want to catch up with, hobbies, books to read, places to go, etc. Put it on your fridge and commit to doing one thing a week. One a week, can become 2 a week, 3 a week and finally every day of the week. This will naturally shift your energy - turning your mood from blah to hallelujah!