The Risks of Longing for a Spiritual Experience

Are you trying to create a spiritual experience?  For those of us interested in mindfulness, yoga, and/or spirituality, we have to watch our own desire to speed up our self-realization journey. Listening to other's stories and ah's, we are enticed to try to create something special to talk about and show we are spiritually evolving, too. Whether we are trying to prove it to ourselves or others, in reality, actual life is the spiritual experience.  There is no need to create it, seek it, or even desire it.  It is subtle and right at the tip of our own nose.  I always think as humans, we try too hard.  We overcomplicate the simple. We become intellectuals in a mind-body-soul experience of living life.

Recently, I traveled to Atami, Japan, where I supported the first facilitation of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training in the country. Besides being an amazing opportunity professionally, I also hoped to realize my vision of experiencing my spiritual being. What I noticed, however, was the desire to connect overshadowed the connecting itself.

The sun started rising around 5:24 am, but my experience to the day began around 4:30. It was easy to wake-up. Waterfall, succates, crickets, trees rustling, mist in the air. While I was aware of the natural beauty rising with the sun, I was also aware of the chatter in my mind around the desire to capture a transformed experience. "What do I do in this moment? What should I do? Meditate? Stretch?" My mind generated the questions. I wanted to make the right choice. Oh, and my other option...... to sit in the natural hot spring (on the roof) and watch the sun rise. What I chose is not the important part. What I found myself wanting was an experience other than what I was having. In this awareness, I accepted the desire and then allowed myself to just be. 

The beauty about noticing this desire and accepting it, left me with an experience of connection to moment, to nature, to self, to a spiritual experience that I was desiring. Did I know what form it would take? Had no clue. Did I need to know? Absolutely not. Being in the moment allowed me to have the eyes for a real transformational experience. Without my realization of this desire, the moment would have just passed without me knowing and my desire for a spiritual experience would have continued unfulfilled.