You're ready to meditate, but...
real life won't cooperate? 

• • •


Your interest in mastering meditation started years ago. You heard about it in college from your progressive Philosophy professor. Now, your favorite podcaster — for thought leaders and successful business owners —mentions that meditation is the one non-negotiable skill you must adopt into your morning and evening rituals to up level your success.

Inspired, you've dabbled. And it works.

You’ve experienced the “it” feeling. You've sensed the refueling, recharging and laser-like focus the experts talk about. You’ve even been able to witness the impact where you reduce your scattered thinking, and notice you can find happiness within, even during times of turbulence. Your judgmental, cynical attitude is replaced with the easy-going human you've always thought you were and your closest relationships have acknowledged the difference. Yep, you are feeling the "flow."

And then, your real life takes over. 

The everyday hustle sucks you back in and you hit the snooze button on your practice so many times that it vanishes.

Your work travel takes you out of your routine. Your young bundles of joy wake up extra early one morning interrupting your quiet time. When you finally carve out time at night, you close your eyes and you fall asleep. Your neighborhood Friday night cocktails leave you less than clear to meditate on Saturday morning. 

Weeks, even months, go by and you haven’t meditated. You justify not taking the time to start again because your schedule validates how busy you truly are.  As it becomes even harder to work through the "stuff" that is tangled in your head, you might eventually give meditation another half-hearted attempt. But then, questions surface— "what does this sh*t even do, anyway?" or "I don't even think I'm doing it right so why waste my time?"—  and the "it" feeling is quickly replaced with uncertainty, anxiety, and the bigger thought that you are never good enough. 

For whatever reason you deny yourself the exceptional ritual of meditation...

But the one thing you've got on your side...
you already know the "it" feeling...
and it is still lingering, waiting for
you to re-ignite it.

You viscerally know that when you are consistent, you feel so much better. You know it quiets your mind. It reduces your anxiety. You are a better version of yourself. You’re less dualistic, slower to respond, much more thoughtful. Your attitude and disposition are much more of love than judgment if you are taking the time to reorient your mind. Your business feels better, your relationships feel better.

There comes a day when you decide it's time to finally grasp the ancient wisdom in your real life.

If you are ready to...

••• Dial it in like the experts, know the skill, live the skill, and finally experience how meditation can greatly impact your personal and professional lives...

We are ready for you.