Deep Dive Week Four

Week Four

This may be the final week of your deep-dive, however it's packed full of techniques that really take you deeper. As you've developed a consistent meditation practice and committed to connecting to your Theta state, you have felt a since of easier living and more peaceful moments in your day to day life. Now you get to explore the power of visualization to attract more consistent daily moments that connect you to your desired state of being. You will learn how to use Life Mapping to get clear on who you want to be  in the main areas of your life and make visualization more accessible. When you honestly answer the Life Mapping questions and get clear on your desired path, you can then tune into your meditation and visualize living this state now. When you allow yourself to dream in this state and feel it on a cellular level, you are starting to say, "YES!" to the life you truly want. Once you've visualized you then have the chance to connect your inner guidance and ask what's the way to living this life now. 

You joined the deeper dive course only a few weeks ago. Each week you were given the skills and knowledge to discover more about your meditation practice. Now you get to take the true deep dive. Enjoy this week. We know it will be fruitful. 

  • Life Mapping & the questions that connect you to more of what you desire 

  • Understand how to use Visualization in your meditation

  • How to listen to your Intuitive self for more guidance


How to strikethrough RESISTANCE…
literally with this Hawaiian prayer technique

BONUS SHARE: Outside of meditation, what do I do to tap wisdom and guidance? It’s one of my woo-woo ways…and I LOVE IT.

Quick addition…after recording I realized I forgot to share what I do with this wisdom. I embody the words in everything I do during the day…writing this note to you, preparing my coffee, packing up my “briefcase” before going to “work” (in quotes because I don’t have an actual briefcase & I don’t think of what I do as work because I LOVE IT SO MUCH). All and all, I do exactly what you are learning…I own the wisdom through my senses, my soul, and my swagger. Muah!

The Key to Manifesting the
Life you Desire

When do you know it’s your
Intuition Talking?

Deep Dive Week Three

Week Three

Last week you started to explore connecting more to your desired state. If you haven't already noticed, you're expanding your awareness in your meditation to your mind, body, and emotions. Becoming aware of these three parts of your being means you are deepening your connection to yourself. We believe more than ever that the relationship to yourself is the most important relationship. And knowing how your thoughts, emotions, and actions work together you regain the power of being in control. Rather than being pulled along in life, you become the container that knows how to channel your energy in a magnificent way. As you have experienced, meditation is the key technique to support your cellular shift and start owning your desired, ideal experience. Last week you focused on TIME. This week you are going to focus on Self-Concept.

  • Deeper dive into Desired State & Ownership 

  • Understand the Mind’s Limitations & the Body’s advantages

  • Exploring self-concept by dropping Self-Judgement


Bringing the Body Along to Master Your Desired State

Understanding Self Judgment & Other's Reactions

Deep Dive Week Two

Week Two

You now have been meditating for more than one month. You are slowly changing the grip of your brain's automatic patterns and paving the way for a new desired state of being. This week you are going to deepen your understanding of Step Five and how to connect even more to your desired state. In order to get the full benefit, we will discuss Theta brainwaves and the qualities of this state, how it helps you in connecting with your desired feelings, and how this can transform your experience of your every day environment.  Get excited because this week, we will introduce you to a whole new level of experiencing your desired state as you also begin to release from time and it's undesirable grasp it may hold on your daily life's schedule. 

  • Learn about Theta Brainwaves

  • Expand on Desired State

  • Shift your relationship to Time

  • How to use Meditation with your Desired State


What are your "hooks"?

Let's chat THETA


Energy Management VS. Time Management


Deep Dive Week One

Week One

To start off your deep dive, we are going to review a few important fundamentals. You will then start to study what happens when you allow yourself to sit in Step Four longer. As a reminder, this is the step that helps you access more of your Alpha brainwave. You've probably already noticed some days are easier than others to connect with this brain pattern. So what do you do on the days that are harder? This week is dedicated to supporting you in knowing how to be in your practice when it's easy and hard. 

  • Back to the Basics

  • Let's Expand on Step Four

  • Observer Mind- Exploring How to Come Back When Beta Strikes

Meditation Journal

As part of your process, we are excited to offer you an online meditation journal. Use this after your practice to highlight your experience. At the end of your four weeks, you will receive your journal as a reminder for all that you have learned and created. 


When you are STRESSED OUT.