Deep Dive Week One

Week One

To start off your deep dive, we are going to review a few important fundamentals. You will then start to study what happens when you allow yourself to sit in Step Four longer. As a reminder, this is the step that helps you access more of your Alpha brainwave. You've probably already noticed some days are easier than others to connect with this brain pattern. So what do you do on the days that are harder? This week is dedicated to supporting you in knowing how to be in your practice when it's easy and hard. 

  • Back to the Basics

  • Let's Expand on Step Four

  • Observer Mind- Exploring How to Come Back When Beta Strikes

Meditation Journal

As part of your process, we are excited to offer you an online meditation journal. Use this after your practice to highlight your experience. At the end of your four weeks, you will receive your journal as a reminder for all that you have learned and created. 


When you are STRESSED OUT.