Deep Dive Week Three

Week Three

Last week you started to explore connecting more to your desired state. If you haven't already noticed, you're expanding your awareness in your meditation to your mind, body, and emotions. Becoming aware of these three parts of your being means you are deepening your connection to yourself. We believe more than ever that the relationship to yourself is the most important relationship. And knowing how your thoughts, emotions, and actions work together you regain the power of being in control. Rather than being pulled along in life, you become the container that knows how to channel your energy in a magnificent way. As you have experienced, meditation is the key technique to support your cellular shift and start owning your desired, ideal experience. Last week you focused on TIME. This week you are going to focus on Self-Concept.

  • Deeper dive into Desired State & Ownership 

  • Understand the Mind’s Limitations & the Body’s advantages

  • Exploring self-concept by dropping Self-Judgement


Bringing the Body Along to Master Your Desired State

Understanding Self Judgment & Other's Reactions