Deep Dive Week Two

Week Two

You now have been meditating for more than one month. You are slowly changing the grip of your brain's automatic patterns and paving the way for a new desired state of being. This week you are going to deepen your understanding of Step Five and how to connect even more to your desired state. In order to get the full benefit, we will discuss Theta brainwaves and the qualities of this state, how it helps you in connecting with your desired feelings, and how this can transform your experience of your every day environment.  Get excited because this week, we will introduce you to a whole new level of experiencing your desired state as you also begin to release from time and it's undesirable grasp it may hold on your daily life's schedule. 

  • Learn about Theta Brainwaves

  • Expand on Desired State

  • Shift your relationship to Time

  • How to use Meditation with your Desired State


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