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HELLO Family and Friends...

Thank you for watching our video and considering supporting our LAUNCH. Our goal is to raise $3000 by April 16. As we mentioned in the video we offer several donation options ranging from $10 to $100. If you donate $100, we will gift you TWO spots in our upcoming Mindfulness Uncensored Mini-Course (valued at $397)- which we would love for you to participate in starting April 17!! 

Our excitement to FINALLY be at this point is ....

Quick Recap: 

  • You are invited to our Friends & Family DIY Kickstarter.
  • Our goal is to raise $3000.
  • Meeting our goal gets us out of the "incubator" and launched into Stage Two of our project.
  • We are asking our closest Family & Friends help us complete this GOAL by April 16. 
  • Donation Options range from $10 to $100
    • $10 = Our love and good vides your way
    • $25 = A thank you note signed, sealed, and delivered by us + good vibes.
    • $50 = Our FIVE Mindfulness Made Simple downloads right at your finger tips + a thank you, and good vibes
    • $100 = The whole enchilada listed above PLUS (see the next bullet)
  • $100 donation gives you TWO spots in our upcoming Mindfulness Uncensored Course (valued at $397)


$100 Donation Details

As a $100 donor you receive access to our next Mindfulness Uncensored Course. Checkout what all is included!

  • LIVE facilitation with (me) Hallie Buchanan and bonus facilitator by the amazing and talented Lyn Tally (co-creator of the Deliberate Method). 
  • Learn the F.T.S. Tool that has hidden meaning and will truly transform your crappy days into more meaningful moments. You'll learn to show up with choice rather than engaging in your default patterns that keep you feeling stuck in those moments you want to say "F" this.  
  • Printable interactive materials to make this work for you. We all know it is not a one size fits all, but this tool will be super simple to apply with these downloads. 
  • Daily live video feed to answer questions, get real, team up on solutions, and highlight your successes. You learn by asking questions and we are here to answer them.  
  • Private Facebook group where you can learn and participate with others behind the comfort of your own screen. This part is totally optional, but we will say (even as non tech people) that the more we have challenged ourselves to engage the more we get out of it. So learn from others and hear their experiences to help guide you in yours. 
  • Easy online access to the materials, audio and visual presentation downloads that you can access anytime/anywhere. Yep, you can engage in the learning process right from the comfort of your home, car (not while driving), local coffee shop, wherever. .
  • 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you go through the course and you did not learning anything of value, you will receive a full refund (almost no questions asked) We do ask you to take a survey to tell us more about what kept you from learning, so we can improve our programming.
  • Course begins April 17. Learn some things you can do starting NOW to help ease your way to mental freedom. 
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More about Us and Our Journey to Now

OUR EFFORTS: We have personally funded the last two years of development (up to $15k in resources, education, and development), but now we have reached our capacity for personally funding the next phase. (If you want to see more about our journey, scroll to the bottom for "OUR STORY"). 

We want to reach a larger audience and in order to do that, we need the up front cash flow to make it happen. This is why we are reaching out to you. 

OUR JOURNEY: To be perfectly frank, we have been in the development phase of this project for the last 2 years and it's important that you know why: At first, it was about giving ourselves time and space to generate a course from scratch.

That meant culling through our years of training, life experience, and passion to discover WHAT exactly we would be teaching. We then were struggling with defining which aspects of mindfulness, how we use it, why we use it the way we use it, which target audience would benefit most from what we are teaching in the way that we are teaching it. Then it was about how can we make deep and powerful concepts simple and yet effective? Can we make it so that everyone who takes it can learn in a way that their brain naturally works (tactile, audio, visual)? We want to set people up to succeed. Can we make it in a way that supports our short attention span? Can we help people engage in a style of learning that is going to change their world? We kept challenging the course to be better because if you know anything about our pasts, the one thing that we believe more than anything is that if it does not work, it does not matter. We were determined to make it work, but appeal to those who are not ready or have the time to do the ground work that we've done.

It took us time, not because we were dilly dallying, rather because we were intentional. We never let money, desire, outcome, or fear drive our process. At times, people wished we were further along than we were, but we knew what we were doing. We had the long game in mind.

Along the way, we explored every possible avenue for our growth and education. We footed the bill without any start up costs now (successfully) with two other companies. We've poured hours of time, training, education, funds, and creation into this development and we can not wait to take it to the next level. We are so grateful for your consideration and your willingness to support this greater cause. 

*Our world will thank you for supporting the pursuit of putting more of these people into your work force, your growing families, your peer group, your networks. (PSA now over)