Mindfulness brings you back to wholeness. 


"Wholeness" is a lens that reframes the circumstances in your life. It’s a rescue ship from the cycle of striving. It’s the anchor that allows you to feel trust and ease in any situation.

Wholeness puts you at peace with the ups and downs of your job, your weight, your income—and yourself. So you can stop correcting your life, and start enjoying it more deeply.

The best thing about wholeness is that you don’t have to camp out on a mountaintop, meet a Zen master, or meditate full-time to experience it. In fact, you don’t even need to change your clothes.
(Which is great, because those Jordache jeans look awesome on you.)



We're two individuals trying to figure out how to live the best life possible without going to extremes or getting in our own way. What led to the creation of The Deliberate Method?
It was the desire to share with others our combined years of training in mindfulness, cognitive psychology, and yoga therapy in a down to earth, yet transformative manner. 

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Mindfulness in real life is a simple concept, but tough to apply. Let's be honest, we live in a world that promotes perfection under the guise of self-improvement, keeping you from experiencing the consistent joy that life has to offer because of total frustration.
The Deliberate Method is our signature approach to supporting you in breaking the cycle of striving and
find your path to thriving. 

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