Week Four

Week Four call details:

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Week Four Objectives

It may be the final week, but you don't want to miss practicing your Basic Meditation steps in real life. We all know that when we leave our meditations life can get crazy and hectic. Use the five steps to explore how you can mindfully show up in your day and we will tell you how. Plus, we will share a few of our favorite meditations that expand beyond the basic steps. 

  • The application in real life

  • What to look forward to

  • Recap the Basic Meditation


Your Basic Five: Recap

Brain Patterns: Recap


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Week Three

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Week Three Objectives

This week is all about taking it to the desired state. This is when you begin to plant seeds and connect more to how you want to feel. You discover how your internal world is more important than what's happening around you. When you bring yourself into your desired state you more regularly feel alignment and flow. 

  • Opening to Your Desired State

  • Experiencing Alignment & Flow

  • Learn STEP FIVE to our Basic Meditation

Meditation Timer


Expanding upon the desired state

Let’s talk Ownership.


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Week Two

Week Two call details:

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Week Two Objectives

It's time to venture a bit further into your meditation practice. While you discover another step in your Basic Meditation, you will also explore two very important qualities that naturally evolve when you stay consistent with your meditations. Plus, you will begin to feel more of the ALPHA brainwaves while you also learn about the observer mind this week.

  • Shifting from Inner Chatter to Observer Mind

  • Two qualities of being essential to successful Meditation

  • Learn STEP FOUR to our Basic Meditation

Meditation Timer


Before you Watch "The Fly" video below... WATCH this. 

Stop Being so “Judgy” :: More on Non Judgement

The Power of the Observer Mind. 

Week One

Week One call details:
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Week One Objectives

The week you are going to form a different relationship with your mental chatter to enjoy meditation while discovering where and when is best for you to meditate. You will also learn to practice the first three steps and begin to feel the shift from BETA to ALPHA state.

  • Relationship to Inner Dialogue

  • Identify your "spot" & claim your daily time

  • Learn the first THREE steps to our Basic Meditation

Meditation Timers

Let’s talk time & space

What about your Inner Chatter?

Beta vs. Alpha

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