You're ready to meditate, but...
real life won't cooperate? 

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Your interest in mastering meditation started years ago. You heard about it in college from your progressive Philosophy professor. Now, your favorite podcaster — for thought leaders and successful business owners —mentions that meditation is the one non-negotiable skill you must adopt into your morning and evening rituals to up level your success.

Inspired, you've dabbled. And it works.

You’ve experienced the “it” feeling. You've sensed the refueling, recharging and laser-like focus the experts talk about. You’ve even been able to witness the impact where you reduce your scattered thinking, and notice you can find happiness within, even during times of turbulence. Your judgmental, cynical attitude is replaced with the easy-going human you've always thought you were and your closest relationships have acknowledged the difference. Yep, you are feeling the "flow."

And then, your real life takes over. 

The everyday hustle sucks you back in and you hit the snooze button on your practice so many times that it vanishes.

Your work travel takes you out of your routine. Your young bundles of joy wake up extra early one morning interrupting your quiet time. When you finally carve out time at night, you close your eyes and you fall asleep. Your neighborhood Friday night cocktails leave you less than clear to meditate on Saturday morning. 

Weeks, even months, go by and you haven’t meditated. You justify not taking the time to start again because your schedule validates how busy you truly are.  As it becomes even harder to work through the "stuff" that is tangled in your head, you might eventually give meditation another half-hearted attempt. But then, questions surface— "what does this sh*t even do, anyway?" or "I don't even think I'm doing it right so why waste my time?"—  and the "it" feeling is quickly replaced with uncertainty, anxiety, and the bigger thought that you are never good enough. 

For whatever reason you deny yourself the exceptional ritual of meditation...

But the one thing you've got on your side...
you already know the "it" feeling...
and it is still lingering, waiting for
you to re-ignite it.

You viscerally know that when you are consistent, you feel so much better. You know it quiets your mind. It reduces your anxiety. You are a better version of yourself. You’re less dualistic, slower to respond, much more thoughtful. Your attitude and disposition are much more of love than judgment if you are taking the time to reorient your mind. Your business feels better, your relationships feel better.

There comes a day when you decide it's time to finally grasp the ancient wisdom in your real life.

If you are ready to...

••• Dial it in like the experts, know the skill, live the skill, and finally experience how meditation can greatly impact your personal and professional lives...

We are ready for you. 


our approach...

is to strip down the unnecessary fluff so you can meditate with success. 

You won't be guided to an app but rather we will teach you the most  important elements to sit in meditation for 10 minutes to receive the quality benefit from the practice. If 10 minutes seems impossible, terrifying, or outlandish, then we welcome you with open arms.  We've been there too and we have developed a system that will support you in mastering your daily meditation with both quality and consistency. 

Understanding how to sit with our quality approach sets you up for using meditation beyond relaxation and calming your nervous system (which is nothing to write-off because that skill alone makes you a better leader, coach, and business owner.) It prepares you for the advanced benefits of meditation, which include deep centeredness, alignment, and flow. Such benefits are instrumental in advancing your natural talents to powerfully impact all environments you are a part of. Think.... more loving relationships, greater ability to attract wealth, increased ability to focus on goals and achieve them, increased ability to access restorative sleep, increased patience, non reactive thoughtful responses to co-workers, children, spouses, and strangers, improved parenting ability.... the list goes on. 

step one

Break the Inconsistency with our unique technique to shift the pattern

A consistent meditation practice strengthens your brain in the same way that a consistent exercise routine strengthens your muscles. You know the benefits and yet you just can't get yourself to stick with it. Not to worry. In this course, we help you identify your big WHY which is crucial for breaking the pattern of inconsistency. Using what we know from Neuroscience, we guide you through specific strategies to trick the brain from falling into default patterns of inconsistency and instead find new energy and motivation to develop and experience a consistent meditation practice.

step two

Learn our "Fool Proof" Approach To Sit In Stillness For 10 minutes Daily

Reach the "it" state with just 10 minutes a day. Depending upon the intensity of your mental chatter, 10 minutes can feel like you are embarking on a solo journey up Mount Everest without the proper gear. With our fool proof method, we show you how to meet your mind where it is and expand it's ability to sit in stillness. Why, you ask? Learning how to sit in stillness, quiet your mental chatter, and tune in to the present moment supports you in reducing anxiety, increasing clarity, feeling more empowered, and experiencing greater sense of peace and joy throughout your day.

step three

NEver Miss another day with our super simple strategy to stay on track in real life

Fun Fact. Your brain is 95 % unconscious which means that despite your BEST efforts, you are going to experience days that you "forget" to meditate or incorporate mindfulness into your day. With our super simple strategy, you will never forget to practice mindfulness meditation again. It is our top tool for helping you reduce resistance when you "miss" a day and hop right back on the meditation train. Using this strategy, which is easy to remember and use not only helps you miss less days, but supports you in further activating the 5% of your brain which is conscious.

plus you'll learn...

  • What meditation really is and how it works

  • How to overcome the common challenges of meditation

  • The difference between guided meditation and sitting in stillness

  • How to finally quiet your mental chatter without assistance

  • The benefits beyond quieting your mind & feeling relaxed

and what's included...

  • One-hour orientation video to set you up for success

  • Four recorded calls breaking down the 5 steps to our Basic Meditation for you to practice and complete on your own.

  • Community Support via Private FB Group where you can share with others your experiences, ask questions, and engage in thoughtful discussion moderated by Lyn & Hallie

  • Additional video's each week providing foundational information about meditation practice, tips, & tricks

  • Bonus downloads: guided audio's + pdf's


our passion

Plainly stated is supporting you in achieving the results that you desire. We know first hand the power of this practice and we also know what it feels like to be inconsistent with meditation. As creatives, business owners, and seekers of pleasure, we have both been dedicated and also forgetful with our mindfulness experience. Through this journey, we have learned the power of establishing a foundation before breaking down the barriers and also the joy that comes from living mindfully in a way that works for you personally. It is our greatest passion to keep this powerful work informative, transformative, and down to earth. We want to help you find your groove, not adopt ours.

We believe mindfulness starts with meditation. 

Watch as we share our top THREE reasons for starting with meditation. 

And, yes! It was hard but we narrowed it down to three ... for you. 

The way we teach you isn't the way we learned. As you know it's been a personal journey so we know exactly what is required to make mindfulness & meditation a lifestyle rather than a fad. 

  1. Learn the rules before you break the rules:
    Create a Foundation

  2. Prime your brain to create a global impact

  3. Increase your self awareness around how you show up in other areas of your life

"I am an absolute meditation novice but wanted to say how thankful I am that I found the Deliberate Method..."

~ Hollie West, Charleston, SC

"My experience with meditation before this course was more of a wishful thinking..."

~ Angela Vaughan, Nashville, TN

what others are saying...

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• Amie Burgess •

I am taking away so much! I am taking away new tools to be mindful and connect my body and mind.  I'm finding new ways to find peace in chaos! I came into this process feeling lost. That one word sums up my work life, my personal life and even what to expect with this course. I was in the middle of a frenzy all around me and trying to find a way to stay strong. I was struggling, in so many ways. Through this course, I have started to be able to find my own calm and peace, inside of me and it's forever changing the way I will approach life and my journey. I feel more in control of my life and myself and accepting of things I can't impact. I have found a renewed love for my passions in life!  Thank you both for this course and the amazing materials/support this has provided me during the most difficult time of my life. Thank you sounds silly to say, because of how large the impact feels. I was able to apply it to all aspects of my life. 

This course was perfect for me because it brought situational awareness to me that I possessed but didn't utilize. I am taking away a new awareness of how to approach each day. I am now better able to cope with daily stress and give my mind and body a much needed shift to a better place. It  worked in my real life because I became better aware of the control I have over the influences of my environment. I would recommend anyone to this course because we all need to de-stress and become more comfortable in our daily lives.  Hallie and Lyn offered a piece of their souls!!! They are so dedicated to making people whole. ~ Mary T. ~Author 


• Rivers Pearce •

corporate executive

I first met Lyn through her corporate yoga classes, which was my first foray into yoga. After a couple of years of weekly practice, I found that I had reached a bit of a ceiling. While I had certainly found ways to leverage yoga practice to release stress and harness the power of my focus, I still felt that I wasn’t reaching my full personal potential...something was still holding me back from breaking through, and embracing what I could be in life. I approached Lyn about working directly and this literally changed my life! Over the course of several months, I unlocked, and understood, the connections between my emotions, my mind and my body. I was able to pinpoint my main stressors, take control over my perceived limiting beliefs, and break through the ceiling that I had constructed. The approach has a way of tapping into your specific needs in a way that forces you to face those self-imposed limits, while at the same time guiding you in a caring, nurturing and loving way. Working this approach has helped me unlock latent potential, and be more mindful, which in turn, has helped me become a better father, friend and person.

I am taking away a new perspective about how I respond to situations and react to my environment.  I am also taking away a new feeling of control over my thoughts, feelings and actions.  This course was so helpful. It was instrumental in helping me make meaningful and lasting changes in how I respond and cope to stressful situations.  ~ S.V.


• April Duckworth

virtual assistant

This experience was not only communicative, but supportive, intelligent, and a source of wisdom. I learned that I can be at play. That I can ease up on myself and slow down. I know it seems like these things would be intuitive, but I think many of us can relate to the struggle in which I refer, and slowing down and playing are simply not acceptable in our minds. This experience taught me that it is in fact acceptable, and more so, a way to truly embrace and live life to the fullest. This experience taught me that showing up for myself is something I can do every day as well. It is not selfish to take care of myself, but rather, looking out for others in the process. The kindness and authenticity are evident in every interaction with Lyn and Hallie. I look forward to more the wisdom they offer. 


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