For as long as you can remember, you’ve been on a path of self-improvement. Pushing yourself to get stronger. Smarter. More spiritual. To earn more. Lose weight. Dress better. To be a better friend, spouse, parent, child.

You have a vision of yourself that you’re working towards, but have you ever noticed that as soon as you reach that goal, it just becomes the launching pad for another?

You’re never finished, never satisfied, and never enough.

Sure, you arrive at your temporary destination feeling solid, strong and accomplished—but then you drop the ball at work because you’re overextended. You lash out at someone you love because you can’t meet their demands. You check your bank balance and realize you’re not going to make it to your next paycheck. The dream of your future self has just had a head-on collision with the real, imperfect, disappointing you.

When your worth depends on the success of your striving, you’re on a perpetual path to feeling unfulfilled.

What if we told you that you could stop fixing, pushing and pleasing? That, instead, you could start allowing, acknowledging, accepting and growing with the knowledge that you’re already whole.

Learn the method that transforms quick fixes into quick shifts
that bring lasting relief.

Twice a year we run our Deliberate Method LIVE course. Learn from us as we take you through our three-module program intentionally crafted to take you from stuck to thriving...all in your current life.

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Living mindfully is simple, yet can be easily halted by the most trivial things.  Learn from our stories and real life breakdowns how we use mindfulness to forge on when we fall prey to striving in a world of perfection.    

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