Our story is simple, really. 
We believed in the same approach to life
& realized we had something to share.

Hallie is a therapist owning her own practice, and Lyn is a corporate wellness business owner. Through these separate endeavors, we both came to the same conclusion — we both found the only way to serve our clients in an energetically sustainable way was to master our ability to mindfully manage our own mind and body. In other words when aligned, we could flow. When out of alignment, we were stuck and exhausted. 

As leaders and influencers in our own fields, we recognized how essential it was for all influencers out in the world, doing amazing work, to develop their own ability to reconnect with their flow. It was essential purely for the sustainability of their own work and energy. 

It was a no-brainer…

By sharing what we have learned and applied with success in our own personal and professional lives, we joined forces to be able to support you in maintaining your energy level in doing big things in a big way. Our experience of working with coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs revealed FOUR common themes:

ONE — you have a love/hate relationship with meditation and don't feel you have the time or "brain” width to practice meditation in a structured way every single day. 

TWO — you know mindfulness is a buzz word but have no idea how it works or how it could benefit you in your real life. 

THREE — you are seeking change from external solutions rather than your internal intuition. 

FOUR — you feel stuck and lack a deeper understanding and relationship to yourself. 

To move forward and share our approach, we had to lay the foundation to support these four themes.  And so, we developed The Deliberate Method to do just that. Our focus is on meditation and mindfulness while taking life-long learners beyond only the basic practices/techniques and delivering even more on intuitive listening and life mapping. 

Inspired to expand our audience, we created a podcast to share our very unique and powerful UNSNUCKed tool, which you can check out in real time by listening to our UNSNUCKed podcast where we take real people—with real life challenges—through the steps toward successful mindfulness, flow and sustainability. 

Ready to know more?